About The Book

As I was writing this book, I was looking for examples of non-fictional works that highlighted positive Black father-son interactions, and I couldn’t find many. Most of the narratives I found focused on so-called "absentee fathers" as if there were no examples of Black fathers who were present in guiding and raising their sons. Even President Barack Obama’s memoir Dreams from my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance tells of how he succeeded in spite of not having his Kenyan father around growing up. While these stories exist and are the reality for many Black men, they are not exclusive to Black communities, nor are they the only narratives of Black fathers that exist. There are droves of Black fathers who stand tall and are present every day, and serve as consistent positive influences in our lives - despite not being properly recognized by mainstream media. I am quite clear that I am not here in spite of my father – I am here because of him." – David Malebranche